Sunday, July 13, 2008

Game 94: Cardinals 11 Pirates 6

Sometimes it's downright unbelievable how much can happen in one baseball game. Once upon a time, many moons ago, Ian Snell took the mound and absolutely dealt for 3 and 2/3 innings. He was snarling, throwing hard, hitting his spots, basically doing what Ian Snell does. Then, he gave up a double and another double and a walk. He started stomping around the mound, pointing to a hole in the ground while Lanny chided him, "The mound was fine when he was retiring ten hitters in a row." He then gave up a walk and a three-run homer to Aaron Miles. The FSP cameras caught him uttering the exact phrase every Pirate fan in the world was thinking at the time, "F--- me."

But the Pirates weren't done. They rallied back to tie the game at four, then went ahead 6-5 against a scuffling Joel Piniero and a second unlikely win seemed possible. Until Wreck Specs (that's Osoria's name now) took the mound in the seventh inning, that is. Emma has sent along a video representation of what happens when Osoria pitches (from the priceless Failblog, please note that there is some salty language, but there is also a ton of hilarity):

Wreck Specs threw 19 pitches. One of them hit Albert Pujols, two of them went for singles, one of them went for a double, and one of them went for a triple (to Aaron Miles!). Completely comebacked out, we rolled over at the 9-6 deficit while the bullpen gave up more runs. Now we go into the All-Star break feeling like we got hit by a truck. That's what the Pirates do to you.