Sunday, July 13, 2008

We have to play again today?

Wouldn't it be nice if the All-Star Break started after that win last night? If we could cruise into three off-days with that win behind us? Instead, we have to play the Cardinals one more time today, with Ian Snell and Joel Piniero facing off on the mound. I thought Snell looked a bit better in his last start on Tuesday, but that was only in the relatively subjective terms of TV-reported velocity. Really, he still walked a bunch of people and racked up a huge early pitch count. He can't do that today, as most of the pen worked last night and the two guys that didn't, John Grabow and Romulo Sanchez, are either hurt or so far buried in John Russell's mind that he won't use them unless he's absolutely forced to. If Snell can't give us seven innings today, we're almost certainly screwed.

No pressure there, Ian, so draw your neck out of your collar and let's get this thing rolling.