Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Futures Game

A lot of people are asking if I watched the Futures Game today. I didn't watch much, but I did tune in long enough to see McCutchen's first at-bat. Every time I see him I'm alarmed by how small he looks, though he quickly got me over that by launching a foul ball into the second deck of the left-field stands in Yankee Stadium. The AB I saw ended in a flyout, but he looked pretty comfortable at the plate. David Pinto at Baseball Musings had a different observation:

Andrew McCutchen just led off for the USA. He's standing at the plate wearing number 24, and he looks just like Rickey Henderson. He's even playing leftfield.
Well, now there's a comparison that should make every Pirate fan smile, even if it was purely superficial. Here's hoping he runs like the wind and refers to himself in nothing but the third person. Reader Trevin also passed a long a link to the fantasy baseball review of the game, which has some very kind things to say about Cutch at the very bottom.