Friday, June 06, 2008

Here come the snakes

If there's one team in Major League Baseball that I'd kill for the Pirates to have their roster, it honestly might be the Diamondbacks. Right now it seems like they've really got a lot of everything. Tonight they're rolling out the once and future NL Cy Young, Brandon Webb. Webb's been beyond superb this year, which is the exact opposite of what his mound opponent, Ian Snell, has been. Since his last win on April 12th, the Pirates have only won in 3 of Snell's 9 starts, and he's had starts where he's walked seven, six, five, and four batters in that span. I have no idea what's wrong with the guy, but he doesn't seem to be close to fixing it and I think it's starting to get to his head. I've said this in each of his past few starts, but I'd be thrilled with even baby steps in the right direction in this start from Snell, though I'm not counting on it at all.