Friday, June 06, 2008

A catch-all

Ryan Doumit's back for the weekend series against the D'Backs while Ronny Paulino's going to AAA. I hope he pulls himself together, if only so we can trade him for something usable.

This Alvarez signing process is not going to go easily. Coonelly and Huntington and already playing mind games, planning to pit Alvarez's desire to play against Boras's desire to make himself and his client rich (I'm talking about the Tulowitzki/Braun/Longoria line from this story).

The second day of the draft is today and you can follow along here. By this point, the picks just get more and more obscure and it's going to be hard to find information on them, so if you happen to know anything about any of our picks, leave it in the comments. You can also use this as an open thread to discuss the draft in general, if you're not doing that in one of the several threads going below already.