Thursday, September 11, 2008

Riding the storm out

According to Dejan, it looks like the Pirates/Astros game is going to happen tonight, followed very quickly by the teams and everyone associated with them vacating the city. Houston is being evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Ike's weekend arrival as we speak, which might make for rather empty conditions at Minute Maid tonight. That's good for the Pirates, because I feel like Zach Duke vs. Roy Oswalt is a pitching matchup that's worked out consistently poorly for us for a couple of years now. The fewer people that actually see it, the better.

Meanwhile, UNC plays Rutgers tonight and I'm probably going to watch that (remember, I'm a Tar Heel now) instead of baseball. That's how bad the Pirates are right now. Bad enough that I feel like UNC/Rugters on a Thursday night is a better viewing option.