Thursday, September 11, 2008

Game 145: Astros 7 Pirates 4

Sorry I didn't get to write this up before now, I spent most of last night focusing on my weekly FanHouse column, which I took to examine the Astros and what Ed Wade and Drayton McLane have done to them in the name of contending year. It was really quite fun painstakingly making the point that Miguel Tejada's been a terrible addition for them this year, only to see Denny Bautista turn and surrender a grand slam him minutes later.

I could be wrong, because I feel like I say this every single year, but this is one of the worst stretches of Pirate baseball that I can remember. Last night Tom Gorzelanny left with a finger injury that seems like it might be pretty bad, Freddy Sanchez is seeing an eye specialist for his blurred vision, and Jack Wilson's not even allowed t hold a bat. Throw in McLouth's shiner, and I hope they just freeze Paul Maholm in carbonite before something bad happens to him.