Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Game 120: Pirates 5 Reds 2

When Paul Maholm gave up a home run to Corey Patterson in the third inning, I was a bit worried that we were in for some kind of horrifically weird night. Instead, tonight's game was pretty much what was expected. Maholm cruised through eight easy innings, allowing only Patterson's homer and one to Jay Bruce (who's got "future Pirate-killer written all over him). Josh Fogg mostly worked quickly and got outs except in the fourth, when the Pirates hung a four-spot up on him with a homer from Jason Michaels (can we please start calling him HBK and stop calling him J-Mike? Please?) and a two-run double from Ryan Doumit (which hit a fan leaning over the railing in front of the seats that I will always call "my seats" no matter where I live). Brandon Moss added a long home run to center field in the eighth to seal up a pretty painless and quck Pirate win. On a bit of a random tangent, as Moss was at the plate I was closing up a particularly bizarre Wikipedia binge at this page and I think that "Bone Crusher" would be a bad ass nickname for someone. Someone like Brandon Moss.

Anyways, the key from tonight is that Josh Fogg didn't add to his PNC Park record 20 victories. That's good, because even though I like Fogg it's awfully sad that he's the all-time Park leader in victories and having him add to it tonight would only prolong the amount of time that he holds the record. Help us Paul Maholm, you're our only hope.

Also: I know the comments are kind of sketchy right now, but Haloscan is probably the thing I have the least control over on this blog. Just keep plugging away and hopefully the problems will work themselves out.