Thursday, August 14, 2008

LaRoche Is Back; Bautista Gone

Some surprising news after the game last night; Jose Bautista is going to be demoted to AAA to make room for Adam LaRoche to come off of the disabled list. There are several points in the PG's story about this that make you stop and pause for a second. One is the part where Bautista opines that he hasn't gotten a fair chance to prove he can play. Another is here Neal Huntington doesn't say that Bautista is definitely getting a September call-up. As the year wears on, it gets easier and easier to tell the players that the previous administration was fond of that he doesn't have the time of day for. The part of the story that made me pause the most? Jose Bautista's agent is named Bean Stringfellow. Seriously.

And while we're on the news kick: Justin Wilson signed before the game last night. Of all of our high picks, he seems like the least impressive to me. Still, he's the 29th pick to sign with two days left until the deadline. Signing 30+ guys from a deep draft would be a pretty impressive feat for Huntington's first year on the job, I think.