Monday, June 16, 2008

WHYGAVS Night- another update

WHYGAVS Night is only 11 short days away, which means that it's time for another update. First things first, I'd like a general idea of who's interested, so if you are just drop a line in the comments. Second, I'm going to make the basic plan to meet at Firewaters at 6 PM before the game for anyone that wants to engage in some pre-game activity. Don't let this stop you from coming if you aren't 21. Everyone's still going to be responsible for their own ticket because I don't think we have enough people to qualify for a group rate or group seating. If people have better ideas here, bring them up in the comments

Finally (and this is the best part), I'm going to have some t-shirts made. For right now, at least, they're only going to be available to the people coming to the game on the 27th as I'm having them made locally by a family friend. If the reception is good enough, we can talk about going to Cafe Press or something like that to get more people shirts. They're going to be fairly simple shirts, just black tees with gold or yellow writing; WHYGAVS on the front and the URL with the quote from the header on the back. If you want one you'll have to pay for it, though I'll sell them to whoever comes to WHYGAVS Night for whatever price they cost me. I won't know a price until I know how many shirts I'm ordering (they won't be expensive, probably $10-$15), so if you want a shirt at WHYGAVS Night, e-mail me with your name (so I can keep track of who's getting shirts) the number of shirts and shirt-size that you want by Thursday night, as I'm giving the order to the t-shirt guy this Friday in order to have the shirts by the 27th. If you'd like to make my life easy, make the subject of the e-mail, "WHYGAVS Night T-shirts." Please don't leave t-shirt requests in the comments because they're too hard for me to keep track of there.