Monday, June 16, 2008

The links

Xavier Nady had an MRI on his shoulder today after his ugly-looking collision with the right field wall at Camden on Saturday. The result showed a shoulder sprain. That doesn't sound bad, but at the same time the article reads like the Bucs are considering disabling him, so it's at least kind of serious. If it does turn out to be more serious, any thoughts of trading him are probably out the window.

This isn't strictly baseball-related, but Joe Posnanski has the best piece about Tiger Woods that you'll read today posted on his blog. I don't know why Joe's blog isn't in the sidebar. It will be.

Bill Bavasi: canned. 'Bout time. I wonder if Jim Hendry has a job for him too.

Mike Gonzalez is about to pitch again
. And while I'm thinking about it, Brent Lillibridge has been pitiful this year.

Chris Duffy is doing baseball-type things. Yawn.