Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random stuff

I totally missed this in Dejan's recap of Sunday's game but:

Osoria, again playing the role of gasoline for the fire, promptly gave up Alex Rios' single and, one out later, Lyle Overbay's two-run double and Scott Rolen's two-run home run to put the Blue Jays ahead, 8-4.
Dejan called Osoria the Gas Can! Now clearly, Osoria can't be the Gas Can because that's Jonah Bayliss. And he can't be the White Flag because that spot in my heart will always be reserved for Ryan Vogelsong. So what can we call Osoria? Kerosene? Nah. I'm voting for "The Accelerant." Or maybe "Wreck Specs." Oooh, I like that one.

This story about Jack Wilson made me feel kind of sad. It might just be because it was written by Ron Cook. Actually, that's probably it.

When we were discussing a giant tomahawk-chopping cow being placed in left field at Turner Field in the FanHouse Google Group, I immediately knew it was a Chick-Fil-A ad, before even being told. I fear I am slowly becoming a Southerner. On a related note, I haven't been to Pittsburgh since New Year's and tomorrow can't come soon enough.