Monday, June 23, 2008

Good news/Bad news

Good news: Neither Ian Snell nor Phil Dumatrait is seriously injured. Snell has "golfer's elbow" (inappropriate jokes withheld, even if I want to make one in memory of George Carlin) while Dumatrait has bursitis. There's no structural damage to Snell's elbow or Dumatrait's shoulder, which means that Snell will probably only miss one start and Dumatrait will be ready to go when his DL stint ends.

Bad news: Besides the obvious joke (they have to keep pitching!), if Snell is scratched from a start that means that Gorzo, Duke, and Maholm will start against the Yankees and the Pirates will be FORCED to call someone up to start on Friday, which is WHYGAVS Night, of course. It somehow seems fitting that on a night that we're meeting in honor of a blog (Warning: disjointed third-person reference ahead!) that once wrote, "It's stupid, it's senseless, it's Pirate baseball," we're probably going to see John Van Benschoten (or if we're lucky, Ty Taubenheim!) start for the Pirates against the most exciting young team in baseball.