Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maybe people will show up to this one

Just talked to my brother, who witnessed last night's game with the 8,800 strong that actually showed up to it. That's just sad. Anyways, Dave Bush and Tom Gorzelanny face off tonight in front of what will probably be a similarly small crowd. Generally, I've been writing these gamethreads as game previews, but I've been failing epically at that, as just about every pregame prediction I've made lately has been hopelessly off base. If I were trying that again tonight, I'd say that Gorzo and Bush is a recipe for a high scoring shootout. Instead, I'm just going to state the facts: Dave Bush sucks and we're all praying that Gorzo mirrors Ian Snell and turns things around a bit tonight.

Out of curiosity, was there something strange about the wind last night in Pittsburgh? There were several balls that I thought were launched last night that turned into harmless flyouts, and my brother thought the same thing from his seats at PNC. Mike Cameron was certainly having his share of trouble in center, as well. Is there something going on that we should know about?