Thursday, May 22, 2008

Game 47: Pirates 8 Brewers 4

Through three innings tonight, I was legitimately terrified that we were going to make Dave Bush look like a good pitcher. To that point he'd held us to one hit that wasn't even really a hit (Nate McLouth's infield roller that someone, I honestly forget who, flubbed) and with Doug Mientkiewicz, Chris Gomez, and Raul Chavez in the lineup, things were looking bleak. That was until Jason Bay smashed a homer to left-center and the floodgates opened up, leading to big hits from Chavez, Gorzelanny, and Gomez, of all people.

Gorzo may have an RBI single and go the win tonight, but he continued his string of not pitching terribly well. He walked four hitters and gave up eight hits in 5+ innings tonight, getting bailed out of the sixth inning by Tyler Yates. I've really run out of things to say about him. He just doesn't look comfortable on the mound right now. I still think he's hurt, but if he really was there's no way the Pirates would keep putting him out on the mound. Right?