Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Game 45: Brewers 7 Pirates 2

I don't know know it was about last night's game, but it certainly felt like the same old Pirates. With a struggling young pitcher on the mound, the Bucs struck out a ton and couldn't make any headway. Meanwhile, the Brewers piled the runs up on Paul Maholm and the bullpen, slowly draining the life out of a game that seemed like it was within reach at one point. Our only runs came on a Jason Bay homer off of Eric Gagne, which probably shouldn't count at this point because Gagne's been so freaking bad. I know it's only one game and we're just a couple days removed from playing pretty well, but when the Bucs play a game like they did last night, that same old familiar sinking feeling starts creeping in. It's almost June, isn't it?