Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's almost draft time

May is slowly winding down into June, and that means that it's almost draft time. Generally, draft season is one to be feared in Pittsburgh, but I'm really intrigued by what Huntington and Coonelly's staff are going to do with their first draft. Early signs are quite good, as the PG today says they're picking between Pedro Alvarez and Tim Beckham.

Alvarez, 20, has rebounded from missing a month to a broken hand to play in Vanderbilt's past 32 games and bat .338 with seven home runs and 25 RBIs. He would be ready for the majors much sooner out of the two. He is represented by super-agent Scott Boras and will seek a signing bonus in excess of $7 million.

Beckham, 18, is a senior at Griffin High School and is seen by many as the draft's most talented player, blessed with power, speed and agility in the mold of the modern star shortstop. He is batting .500 with five home runs and 13 RBIs. He is committed to the University of Southern California, so he has not yet hired an agent.

Will the Pirates really draft a Boras client or an incredibly talented high school kid that might not sign? I hope so, but I'm kind of loath to get my hopes up.