Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Try and top Monday. I dare you.

I doubt many teams have enjoyed the built-in rain out day more than the Pirates did yesterday. Monday's game was exhausting to WATCH, and I can't imagine what it felt like to play in it. The Braves needed the day off just as much, as they used every single pitcher in their pen and had tonight's starter, Jair Jjuurrjjeennss warming up and ready to go had Xavier Nady not bared his claws and ripped the game-winning homer. The weather should be awfully nice tonight for Gorzo and Jurrjens, which is why this game is in Atlanta and not in Pittsburgh. Then again, I'm not in Pittsburgh and have no idea what the weather's like there tonight.

I will NOT be liveblogging tonight because I don't think I can handle it, but I will be watching and in the comments to talk about the game as it happens.