Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snell and the Reds

I won't lie, I like this matchup for the Pirates tonight. We've beaten the crap out of Arroyo in the past couple years and Ian Snell is undoubtedly fired up about something tonight because it's early in the year and the team looks like crap. This means that I'll ignore Snell's mostly spotty history against the Reds (they have lots of left-handed power ... the kind that kills Snell) and guess that maybe the actual presence of a home crowd (a Saturday night with no Pens game might get the Pirates their first real, non-opener home crowd of the season) will work in Snells favor tonight. Unless, of course, it rains. Then all bets for everything are off.

Time for today's insult: Sure, Ian, I've seen people like you before ... but I had to pay admission!

Ooo. Burn.