Sunday, April 13, 2008

Game 11: Pirates 4 Reds 3

I only saw the very beginning of this one, but in the small part that I saw I actually uttered the words, "thank God for Brian Bixler" when he snared a line drive with runners on first and third in the first, then witnessed Ronny Paulino hang on to a throw from the outfield to tag a runner out. Certain the apocalypse was nigh at this point, I headed out for the evening feeling confident that the Pirates couldn't lose a game in which two unlikely things had already happened. Somehow, that incredibly flawed logic managed to apply, even in a game in which Doug Mientkiewicz and Chris Gomez split time at third base as the Pirates chipped away to score runs in the second, fifth, and sixth, and pick up Snell his second win of the year. In fact, we can probably say that the 'pen ws forced to nail things down over the final 2 and 2/3 out of pure fear of Snell.