Monday, April 21, 2008

The Battle of Who Could Care Less

Can you think of a less interesting baseball game than Mark Hendrickson vs. Matt Morris representing the Marlins and Pirates? I don't know if I can, though I suppose it would be possible if maybe if the Giants were involved. I think this series marks the third consecutive year in which the Pirates have played the Marlins in the middle of an ugly slide, leading me to think, "You know, people gave the Marlins shit all winter about their low payroll, but I'd swap franchises with them in a second."

Seriously, though, Jack Wilson's return isn't going to be tonight, which means that John Russell decided to try and kick start the guy that doesn't belong in the majors (Bixler), by tossing him in the two slot. We're probably going to get smoked by the Marlins tonight. If that does happen, just flick your TV to PBS at 9 and check out their documentary on Roberto (h/t to Charlie on that one).