Monday, April 21, 2008

Game 19: Marlins 10 Pirates 4

I know the following things for sure right now:

  • It is way to early in the season to be on a six-game losing streak.
  • Matt Morris is completely tapped out.
  • Nate McLouth is really pretty awesome.
I'm not really sure what happened tonight, but Russell seemed like he was on cruise control tonight. Morris was getting pounded and he just kind of sat there, not calling the pen, not going out to the mound to talk to him, nothing. In the end, Morris gave up 8 runs and 9 hits, seven of which went for extra bases. This was seriously one of the worst outings I've seen by a starter in some time. After he was done, it was time for the almost as awful Osoria (who Bob Walk calls "Osorio" as he clearly enters his "I don't give a rats-ass about this team, I'm not learning these guys names," mode), who gave up two runs and another bomb in his two innings. This team is almost certainly not as bad as they're playing right now, but damn, they are playing badly.