Saturday, November 17, 2007

AFL Update

So, there's this whole Arizona Fall League going on that I've been kind of ignoring, mostly because the only player there I'm mildly interested in is Andrew McCutchen. Let's see how the Bucs are doing on the Phoenix Dirt Dogs (who've made it to the finals):

Andrew McCutchen: .286/.381/.378
You know what's a bad sign? A slugging percentage lower than an OBP in the Arizona Fall League. After showing some surprising pop in 2006, he's shown none of that in 2007. He's still very young so it's hard to hit a panic button on him as a prospect yet, especially because he's doing a good job of getting on base in Arizona, but let's just say it's not surprising when Pirate prospects don't live up to the hype.

Nyjer Morgan: .258/.355/.355, Super Speed Rating: 1,098,762
Somehow, Nyjer Morgan has become the most polarizing player in the Pirates system. That's sad. I wish we had someone better to argue over. Just remember that the AFL is always a pronounced hitter's league and this is the best that Nyjer, who I think is the oldest player on the team, could do.

Jesse Chavez: 20 hits and 8 earned runs in 12 innings. Ugly.

Dave Davidson and Patrick Bresnahan: Combined to pitch 13 and 1/3 innings, which means everything they did was more or less meaningless in terms of figuring how well they pitched.

Chris Hernandez: Pitched fairly well in 13 innings. Is 27 years old.