Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let's talk about tanking

Tom Gorzelanny goes for win #15 tonight against Greg Maddux, which makes for a kind of fun pitcher's match up. Apparently, though, some Pirate fans think that Gorzo doesn't stand a chance because they think Jim Tracy is tanking this series to make sure the Dodgers don't make the playoffs. I dunno if I buy that for a couple reasons.

  1. That assumes Jim Tracy is smart enough to tank baseball games.
  2. Tracy's quotes when Graham and Coonelly pulled Armas out of the rotation made it seem like he was mildly perturbed that he had to put JVB back in the rotation.
  3. Wasn't Tracy babbling on about the integrity of the game like a week ago?
  4. Bad teams get their young players playing time in September all the time. This is not unusual.
  5. Tracy's main beef in LA was with DePodesta.
  6. So you're telling me that the Pirates actually have to try to lose now?
Seriously, there's no September shenanigans going on here. Games like these are just what happens when a team with something left to play for plays a team that's starting over at the end of the season. Good luck getting to #15, Tommy.