Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Game 151: Padres 5 Pirates 3

I'm afraid Gorzo might be running out of gas. Last night he needed 107 pitches to get through five innings and he walked four batters in the same span. Yeah, he threw 70 of those pitches for strikes, but that many walks kind of has me worried about him. I hope Tracy's careful with him from here on out.

We did manage to get seven hits in the heart of the lineup last night (2 for Sanchez and LaRoche, 3 for Nady), but they didn't really do much hitting beyond that (only ten hits total) and so, three runs it was for the Pirates against Maddux and a host of Padre relievers. That makes four losses in a row for the Buccos and drops them back to 19 games under .500.