Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Maybe I should root for the thunderstorm

So tonight Tony Armas Jr. is scheduled to take the mound against Ted Lily while a thunderstorm is scheduled to blow in around game time. I've got tickets for this one, which is the only way I'd be headed to the park on a Tony Armas night. I don't know if I should root for the game to happen or just hope it gets washed out and I'm spared all of the indignation that will certainly boil up inside of my in the right field stands with Armas on the mound tonight.

All kidding aside, Lily has been lights out this year. Like at least as good as Rich Hill and maybe ever better. He's got to come back to earth eventually, but I would never count on it happening against us because that's just silly. Still, things have to come around soon. I like what I've seen from LaRoche lately and Doumit looks like a man possessed (and not just because of his black eyeballs, either!). Bay is starting to hit, too, which is certainly a nice thing to have happen. Will everyone ever all hit at once? Who knows. Not me I suppose.