Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The rain finally did come, and wouldn't you know it, on a day when the Stats Geek told us all about how good the pen has been, minus Torres, that Grabow and Bayliss absolutely collapse and cost the Pirates what should've been a six-inning rain-shortened win.

Anyways, there's some debate in the comments about the rule changes and how that affects the rest of this game so here's my understanding on things: the main rule change this off-season was that any game that's past the fifth inning and not completely decided is just completed at the next possible date (in this case tomorrow). That means tie games and games in which the visiting team takes the lead in an incomplete inning. I don't think the old rule would've rolled the Cubs four runs in the top of the seventh back and given the Pirates a 5-2 win, I think it would've mandated that the game be replayed from the start. The only time the game reverts (or ever reverted) to the last full inning is when the outcome of the game can't be decided in the incomplete inning. I could be wrong on this, and I'm going to do some digging on the rule changes to make sure.

What we know for sure is that they'll finish this one up to the full nine innings tomorrow starting at 12:35, then kick off tomorrow's real game in short fashion.

UPDATE: Here's the official release from MLB about the off-season rule changes. It makes no mention of games like tonight. Perhaps they've always been suspended and finished the next day.