Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Game 32: Cubs 1 Pirates 0

First things first, sorry for missing the gamethread earlier tonight. The internet at my house has been... sub-optimal since I've arrived here.

Anyways, 1-0 losses suck more than anything else in the world sucks, I think. Chances are fairly good that your team had at least one solid shot at scoring one freaking run and they pissed it away. That really wasn't the case tonight. We got two runners to second base and they both arrived there with two outs. Mostly we just got shut down by Jason Marquis. That's probably worse than pissing away like seven chances to score runs. Speaking of that, the Cubs could've won this game like 5 or 6 nothing, but they left a ton of people on base. Tom Gorzelanny allowed 6 hits and 2 walks in his 7 innings of work, but the only batter that crossed the plate was the first one, Alfonso Soriano lead off the bottom of the first with a homer and there was nothing from there.

Anyways, yeah. We wasted a good start by Gorzo because we only got three freaking hits off of Jason Marquis. How does that happen? I mean seriously, Jason Marquis? The guy sucked last year and it's not like he sucked in the American League and came over to the NL and has benefitted from the inferior level of play and the batting pitchers. He sucked last year in our division. The telling stat in this one? Coming in, Marquis had 19 strikeouts to go with 13 walks. That is not a pretty ratio and it's fairly telling of a guy that's about to come crashing back to earth. Until he strikes out five Pirates and walks none in a complete game shutout. Ugh.