Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More on Capps

You know what happens when the local baseball team is playing terribly? A reliever plunking a star from another team on the arm after a homer and subsequently getting suspended for it becomes a huuuuge story. Today we get no fewer than TWO columns in local papers about the suspension. Gene Collier thinks it's ludicrous and the Pirates should spend more time head-hunting at players that wrong them. Bad news, Gene, if we do that we're going to fill up a hospital ward with the opposing woudned. Joe Starkey, meanwhile, thinks the suspension is warranted.

Here's what I think: WHO GIVES A RAT'S ASS? Capps hit Fielder. He probably threw at him. He should've been pissed and it was nice to see a Pirate get emotional. The league was also right in suspending him. End of story. Why not focus some column space on something that actually matters? Like why with runners on second and third and no outs in the fifteenth inning, Zach Duke was STILL AT THE PLATE?!?! Yeah, I know it was a two strike count and only Brad Eldred was left on the bench, but still, just handing the other team an out is bad. It's just stupid. Kind of like, say, NOT STARTING RYAN DOUMIT YESTERDAY. We could also run with the fact that the Cubs played a terrible, stupid baseball game yesterday and it still TOOK US FIFTEEN INNINGS TO BEAT THEM. I mean, seriously, this team is awful and decisions are made on a regular basis that make me think that the people running the team like losing, and all we can talk about is some stupid damn suspension? Let's get with it people.