Saturday, April 07, 2007

The long awaited debut of Tony Armas Jr.

Looks like the Pirates and Reds are gonna try and play this one at 1:05, though there's a "freeze warning" for Cincy at the moment and they're still calling for flurries all afternoon. Aaron Harang and Tony Armas Jr. are scheduled to take the mound and pitch until they can no longer feel their fingertips, which would be about 5 innings I would think.

Freddy Sanchez will not get the start in this one as previously stated, probably because of the extreme cold weather. Instead Pittsburgh's own native son of Pittsburgh you know that guy from Pittsburgh he's really from Pittsburgh, guys Don Kelly will start at second base bat 7th while trade bait (?) Humberto Cota will catch and bat eighth.

Anyways, I'll put this gamethread up even though I'm not expecting many comments due to the fact that this game got moved to 1 about 12 hours ago and it's not on TV as far as I can tell (not even Fox Sports Ohio as previously promised by the Reds lying website... well that or I don't get FSN Ohio at home anymore).