Saturday, April 07, 2007

Game 4: Reds 4 Reds 6 Pirates 1

Well, it was cold in Cincy tonight, but they did manage to get a game in. I saw very little of this one but from what I've heard, Paul Maholm had trouble keeping the ball down in the zone and it caught up to him. The weather doesn't make it easy on a pitcher, but giving up two home run on a night where the game time temperature was 36 degrees is not something that's easy to do.

Let's see... what else... Ronny Paulino had the only RBI, without seeing the game I don't feel right commenting on the unearned runs given up by the pen. Not much to say about a night that Matt Belisle, Todd Coffey, Mike Stanton, and Kirk Saarloos held us to four hits, except that I don't really care how cold it is, that should probably never happen.

And here's a big FYI: tomorrow's gametime is moved up to 1:05 in the afternoon, presumably for weather considerations. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere that gets Fox Sports Ohio (that would be this guy at the moment since I'm at home for Easter), you can catch the game with Reds announcers. Otherwise, I don't think FSP is picking the game up even though the early gametime removes the conflict with the Pens so if you're counting on that your SOL.