Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So... what did I miss?

Sorry for not getting anything posted while I was gone. Internet was $10 a day at the hotel and we all said "Eff that, that's drinkin' money," so there was no chance to use the computer while I was gone.

So let's comb some headlines and see what happened:

Andrew McCutchen finally got cut and the Bucs set the rotation
. After much speculation as to who would be in it, it's exactly who we thought it would be before spring started. This is why I hate spring training.

Javier Guzman was dropped off the 40-man roster. Who's it gonna be? Matos? Jose K? Probably not Danny Kolb, but maybe him too, I guess.

Sharpless, Diaz, Ryan, all cut. I'm only surprised by Sharpless, I thought he'd be in the pen this year. He will be eventually.

Freddy Sanchez is playing in minor league games, but may not be ready to start for the opener. That second link has lots of good stuff, Ronny Paulino's torrid spring, Brad Lincoln's rehab, etc.

I think that's all the substantial stuff I missed. Am I forgetting anything?