Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Schedule

So it's almost baseball time and I'm incredibly excited. Not about the Pirates chances, particularly, but just about baseball in general. Sorry that I missed so much time earlier in the week, but there wasn't much I can do about it. Anyways, start today off by reading Dejan's 5 reasons to believe or not to believe in the Pirates in 2007. It's a good read and though I've got a couple points I'd like to pick at, but I'm not going to offer a critique just yet because I need some time write up my own final preview for the season. Also, I posted a Freddy Sanchez update at the FanHouse, so check that out too, while you're at it.

So we've got four days left before baseball season starts. Here's what to look for on this blog. I'm going to do an AL Preview today and an NL Preview tomorrow to go along with posting news updates as the final roster gets set, etc. I unfortunately won't be able to post at all on Saturday, but I'm probably going to have a million word (estimated) final preview for the season on Sunday. And on Monday I'll probably liveblog the opener. So be excited because the season is starting and I'm ready to kick things into high gear around here.