Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All aboard the fed-up train

The Stats Geek hits the nail on the head repeatedly and very hard today, pointing out that Mets pitchers are hitting better than Burnitz, Randa, and Hernandez and chiming in with great bits like this:

I think of these three the way I would guys on the loading dock who have just won the Powerball. Somehow they fell into $11.5 million and all I'm asking is: "Why are they still working?"
On the subject of Doumit and Paulino, he points out that there's not really any evidence to prove Paulino is that much better than Doumit, then throws in one fantastic final jab at the front office:
Prematurely shifting Doumit to first base or right field on a permanent basis means you're putting him where good bats are more easily found, at least by most teams.
Amen to that.

UPDATE (5:12 PM)- Sorry, forgot the link to the article. It's there now.