Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Snakes in a Ballpark!

The D'Backs, one of my least favorite franchises (I don't really know why, maybe the purple pinstriped unis, maybe the fact that they won a Series four years after their inception, I don't know, I'm a Pirates fan, I'm not rational), are in town for a three gamer. Their record was surprisingly unawful last year. I say surprisingly because their roster wasn't all that inspiring and they outplayed their pythagorean record by 11 games. I don't really think they're much better this year, but their in second place and they've scored more runs than they've given up, so I'm probably wrong. That Chad Tracy fellow of theirs (no relation to the moron that manages us) is a beast, kind of a Craig Wilson gone right, if you will. Tonight we get Ian Snell vs. Miguel Batista. Their numbers are pretty similar, but Batista's been pretty bad in his last handful of outings, whereas Snell has been very good. I'm admittedly worried about Snell in this start, there's no Pedro opposite him and I'm not sure anyone has threatened to kick his dog recently, so I think he might slide back a little here (that's based on nothing but a hunch really). Then again, he is a Pirate and if it's true that he pitches better while mad, there's certainly plenty for him to be upset about.