Friday, April 14, 2006


Victor Santos is not the one to give us that start we were looking for. Though I should add that he didn't really get hit very hard and was victimized by a ton of tweeners and Joe Randa's inattentiveness to Jack Wilson's fantastic range (Jack somehow miraculously got to a ball deep in the hole and Randa wasn't ready for a throw at all, didn't play it like a first baseman, and failed to get the force out, which would've been a key out in his fateful top of the 5th). Also, after seeing Randa ground into a DP with the bases loaded and no outs I'm thinking maybe I should change the name of this blog to "Sons of Freddy Sanchez." Tracy again failed to get Craig Wilson's bat into the starting lineup with a young lefty on the mound, so at this point I'm going to have to assume that he's either really really stupid or he honestly makes every lineup up under gunpoint. Then again, Casey got hurt so he's in the lineup anyways so maybe I should be thankful he didn't start in right, because then Jose Hernandez would be at first.