Friday, April 14, 2006

A barrage

The Bucs just used a hail of homers from McLouth (solo) CWilson (two runs) and Bay (solo) to make tonight's game interesting (8-6). They brought Wuertz in to pitch to Craig and he was almost certainly tipping his pitches, as Craig went yard, said something to Bay as he crossed home plate, then grabbed Joe Randa and said something to him in the dugout. Bay responded by working the count, fouling off a two strike pitch, and hitting a bomb over the notch. Randa responded with a check swing infield single that was only so because the Cubs third baseman is terrible defensively. Who the hell is that guy? But yeah, how can Craig Wilson not be in our lineup on a daily basis? I just don't get it. Anyways, Baker finally got a clue and yanked Wuertz, bringing in Williamson to pitch to Burnitz (I am positive Burnitz would've gone yard off of Wuertz and I'm not kidding at all). Burnitz singled, Jose Castillo flew out (and got congratulated in the dugout by Tracy for hitting a sac fly, you know, because making outs is the kind of thing we encourage here), and Cota and Sanchez (pinch hitting) both struck out on a total of six pitches. Cota's K was especially rank as the only pitch he saw in the strike zone, he stared at. Anyways, it's time to see if the pen can hold (off to a good start, a 1-2-3 inning from Marte) and if the pseudo-Lumber Company (because they can't actually be this good at the plate, can they?) can pick us up three runs. Back with more after the game.