Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An early one

We've got a 12:35 today that isn't on TV, not that it would matter much as I'll have class through most of it anyways. Since it's Victor Santos (arguably our least talented starter) against reigning NL Cy Chris Carpenter (weird, every time I try to type his name I accidentally type a "t" on the end, maybe someone is trying to tell me something about my Norse trip... nah, Carp is probably just that good) we'll need Thor and his half brother Loki, god of mischief and among other things, chance, to make up before this one to have much of a shot at all.

UPDATE (Gametime): Things don't exactly look fantastic, no Jack Wilson at short (Freddy's there) and Mike Edwards (who we were promised wouldn't play much) is starting at third. And my mid-morning nap ran too close to gametime for me to switch Carpenter off the bench in one of my fantasy leagues. Dammit.