Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A letter to Jim Tracy

Dear Jim Tracy,

I've been trying to cut you some slack to open this season out, I really have. I understand you're under a lot of pressure from the front office to keep slackers like Burnitz and Randa in the lineup. I know they don't like Craig Wilson a whole lot, and trust me, I've seen Ryan Doumit's impersonation of a catcher and I know it isn't pretty. And the rotation making the first 2+ turns that it did, nothing is easy. Still, you should probably be fired today for the stunt you pulled with the lineup. Give Jack Wilson a day off? Fine, Freddy Sanchez is a fine choice to play short if Jack needs a day off (though it's kind of dubious since we have a day off tomorrow and Jack's already sat one game this year). But giving Randa a day off and putting Edwards at third on the same day you're giving Jack a day off is ludicrous. And batting Edwards SIXTH, to protect (I use the word loosely) your best hitter to this point in the season (yes, I'm talking about Craig Wilson) is absurd. Jose Castillo has hit the ball well this year, and even Paulino mauled some decent pitching in the WBC. Edwards is a bum. What I'm saying is, you're officially on the list, Mr. Tracy. I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt for most of the dubious decisions you've made to this point, but if you're playing Mike f****** Edwards at third and batting him sixth in a game we need to win to finally take a series THE DAY BEFORE AN OFF DAY then I'm going to have to be suspicious of everything that you do. I hope you understand.

Pat Lackey