Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Neal Huntington really means

Sometimes I can't help but read an article full of quotes from someone and assume that there's just a little more to what they said. Take today's story about the most recent cuts, chock full of Neal Huntington quotes. His quotes are below, well, except for the bold parts. That's just where I assume the conversation went.

"If anything happens to Jason or Xavier, we'd like to have Steve be the guy to come up and get those at-bats," Huntington said. "He could probably be a serviceable player for us right now. But we don't want him to be a good major-league player. We want him to be a great major-league player. Honestly, is anyone buying this? Because I'm trying really hard to justify this here. The boss says cutting Nady is a waste of money, so I'm stuck trying to trade him. Dave Littlefield really gave up Oliver Perez for this guy?"

"[Bullington]'s a true professional," Huntington said. "We've talked to him about becoming more consistent. We see flashes of a fastball that's crisper. We see flashes of a curveball that's sharper. We want to see if there's a little bit more there. If there is, he becomes a very good big-league pitcher. Of course, there probably isn't any more there given the fact that he's going back to AAA for round three. Damn, BJ Upton would look sexy in black and gold."

Maybe that's just what I hope he means.