Friday, January 26, 2007


If you didn't catch the news tonight, you missed two amusingly awful Pirate bits. The first was Jack Wilson declaring that the lineup now has no weak spots with Adam LaRoche in it. I wonder who has to break the news to Jack that he's not just a weak spot, he's a glaring black hole in the lineup.

Second is the new third or fourth or whatever uniform. Bright red vest, black lettering, black sleeves, gold trim, and bringing back the black cap with the red bill. Calling it "ugly as sin" would be offensive to sin. There's no official pics online yet, but one of Cory's mock-ups is actually dead on. I'm going to go vomit.

UPDATE (7:49): The Pirates website now has a picture of the uniform up, which I've posted below. Now just picture black sleeves under that monster and... I dunno. White pants I hope. If the pants are red I'm probably done as a Pirate fan forever. I can deal with red trim like in the logo. Hell, I use red on the site. But this is ridiculous. Get ready for the Pittsburgh Tomatoes.
ANOTHER UPDATE (9:42)- Thanks to Brian in the comments, now has pictures up from the unveiling this afternoon, so it appears that they've hit the wire. Behold...