Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

It's Election Day today and I'm not going to pretend that anyone is here to talk politics (at least I hope no one's here to talk politics). Instead, let's imagine what the world would be like if front office officials in baseball faced the voters every two or four years. I imagine things would start like this.

(voiceover) Dave Littlefield has been Pirate general manager for almost five years now. When Dave took over for Cam Bonifay in 2001 the Pirates were in the middle of a 100 loss season. They haven't lost 100 since Dave took office, and he promises you they won't again on his watch. Dave has stressed fundamentals and basic baseball while obtaining good young players to build on an organization on.
When you go to the polls on November 7th, remember that Dave Littlefield may not ever make your Pirates be good again, but he'll do his best to keep them from being embarrassingly bad.
I'm Dave Littlefield and I approve this message.

Of course there would be an inevitable response.

(flashing) 72-89 (flash) 75-87 (flash) 67-95 (flash) 67-95
(voiceover) For four years, Dave Littlefield has been below average at his job. That is a fact. He's consistently promised to make changes at PNC Park, but he's gone for the same quick fixes over and over again.

What's next?
Under Dave Littlefield, the goal isn't to win a World Series. It's to win 75 games. Help restore the Pirates to their glory days.
Vote "No" on retaining Dave Littlefield for the office of General Manager. Enough of the quick fixes. Let's make some real changes.

Paid for by The Committee to Return Pittsburgh Baseball to Respectability.