Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fall Ball

Time for a fall ball update.

AFL stats are here. They are depressing as Eldred, Walker, and Stansberry are all struggling mightily at the plate. Our host of middling relief prospects, Shortslef, Chavez, and Rogers, are all pitching well, though Dave Davidson is not.

Hawaii Winter Ball stats are here. Brian Bixler is kind of hitting, Nyjer Morgan is hitting pretty well, and Steve Lerud is hitting very well, though in limited action. Wadrell Starling is getting shelled over there.

Ryan Doumit is still hitting well in Mexico.

Ed Eagle gives a full list of players playing in the winter here. I'm not going to run down all their stats because I don't really care about most of the guys we've sent off for winter ball. A quick rundown on guys that do matter:

  • Jonah Bayliss and Shane Youman are pitching for Caribes in the Venezuelan League. Well, at least I think Youman is, his name hasn't shown up on the stat grid yet. If you click around their site you can get the offensive stats for Yury DeCaster and Carlos Maldanado. Yawn.
  • A bunch of Bucco minor leaguers are playing in the Dominican League. They don't have individual team stats as near as I can tell, instead just listing the stats of everyone in the league alphabetically (which is real helpful, let me tell you). Hitters here and pitchers here. Those stats haven't been updated since September 26th. Jose Bautista may be playing down there, maybe he'll show up if they update the stats ever again. Same thing goes for Nate McLouth.
  • According to the Pirates.com article linked above, Ronnie Paulino is playing in Mexico for a team that I don't think exists. Maybe I'm wrong, my Spanish certainly needs work.