Wednesday, June 28, 2006

DL finally wins something!

The polls are closed over at Dodger Math and the results are in, the Worst General Manager of 2006 is no one but our own Dave Littlefield! Since DL couldn't be here to accept his award, I posted an acceptance speech for him in the Dodger Math comments that I feel obliged to replicate here:

I’d like to thank Dodger Math for this prestigious honor. It’s hasn’t been easy to make the Pittsburgh Pirates worse than I found them in 2001, but I’ve finally done it. There’s so many people I want to thank, Kevin McClatchy, the Nutting Family, Randall Simon, Daryle Ward, Jose Hernandez, Bud Selig and his ridiculous revenue sharing system, but especially Jim Tracy, who’s arrogant stupidity has made this final dive for the depths of baseball possible. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hammer out a 3 year/$18 million extension with Sean Casey to ensure that I can take this thing home again next year.