Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It continues

The post-season fleecing of the Pittsburgh Pirates continues. First Jack Wilson got screwed out of a Gold Glove. Then Carlos Lee inexplicably won a Silver Slugger over Jason Bay. After that, Garret Atkins, Jeff Francouer, and Willy Taveras all recieved more votes for Rookie of the Year than Zach Duke. Now, MVP voters placed Jason Bay 12th. Just like I wasn't pretending I thought Duke would win the Rookie of the Year award, I don't think Bay should have won the MVP. I just can't figure out how he finished behind a pitcher that barely deserved the Cy Young that he won (Carpenter), Pat Burrell, Brian Giles, and JIMMY ROLLINS. Yeah, Jimmy Rollins, he of the .770 OPS who almost got his team in the playoffs (but didn't) and had a pretty long hitting streak to end the year.

I'm not asking for a lot, just credit where credit is due. Somehow I think that .302/.402/.559 with 32 homers (playing in a park that is not remotely friendly to righties) and 101 RBIs (on a team where no one got on base in front of him most of the year), plus playing a very good left field, stealing 20 bases in 21 attempts, and scoring 110 times, ALL WHILE BEING THE ONLY THING RESEMBLING AN OFFENSIVE THREAT IN HIS LINEUP (and hell, he played every day too, it counted for Willy Taveras, why not Jason Bay?) is worth a little more than 12th in the MVP balloting.

Of course he's a Pirate, so that's minus at least 100 points right off the bat.

UPDATE (6:37 PM)- SI.com has the entire table here.