Tuesday, November 11, 2008


John Sickels has a nice prospect retrospective on Nate McLouth, followed by a funny conversation about his glove in the comments along with discussion over what the Pirates would want from the Yankees for him in return (hint: a lot).

And since we're surfing SBNation, Beyond the Boxscore has their top 50 players of 2008 ranked. I bet you can't guess how many Pirates there are.

The Pirates do some more front office reorganizing. Ferrone worked with Huntington in Montreal. Shocking. I know.

Matt Holliday is going to the A's ... for now. What's really going to sting Colorado is when they swing Holliday to someone else for twice what they payed to the Rockies.

This shirt is amazing, though if it's really 9,000 yen it's awfully expensive for a shirt (from Big League Stew by way of Sports By Brooks).