Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Catching up

If you read one thing about Pedro Alvarez this winter, I'd recommend that it's the Q&A he did with Colin Dunlap in today's PG. Very interesting stuff. And people can say what they want about him, but he seems like a good kid to me. I hope Huntington finds a way to get him in to Hawaii.

Lots of playoff stuff going on at FanHouse. We've got blogger predictions, debate-style series previews, and Mullet is going to be liveblogging the entire marathon session of games today, with help from most of the supporting FanHouse cast (I should be dropping in and out).

I'm also writing the Penguins preview for NHL FanHouse and that should be done tomorrow morning. And I'll also have a playoff column up tomorrow morning. Which means I'm going to be rather busy the next day or so and might not get a lot posted here.