Monday, September 08, 2008

Snell and the 'Stros

Let me put this in no uncertain terms: if the Astros somehow make the playoffs this year after Ed Wade's hatchet job on their minor league system to acquire middling veterans for one push at things I'm going to be more depressed about the state of baseball than I am over another Pirates' losing season. Wade is basically applying the Dave Littlefield approach to a slightly more talented roster than Littlefield ever had to deal with, and he's now got a team on a huge winning streak trying to back into the playoffs. It's still an incredibly long shot, but that doesn't mean it doesn't miss me off.

Also, Ian Snell is starting tonight against Alberto Arias, who's not really a starter at all from what I can tell. The Astros are on fire. The Pirates are not. I'd love to see us end their playoff hopes, but I'm not expecting much here.