Friday, September 12, 2008

Pirates interested in Tazawa?

If you're looking for good news among the dreck of losing, it looks like the best amateur pitcher in Japan, Junichi Tazawa, is going to skip the Japanese draft and come to America. Apparently the Pirates have been over to see him pitch before. I could have this wrong, but he should be a free agent, which would mean that there's no posting fee and anyone in the majors could sign him. This means a giant bidding war, but if we're going to be shelling out large sums of cash I'd much rather it went to a 22-year-old Japanese phenom with a 150 kilometer-per-hour fastball (which is actually about 94 mph), forkball, and slider. The alternative is paying $70 million just for the rights to negotiate with Yu Darvish, so I hope we at least make a run at this.

Forgot to mention this before, but both links via MLB Trade Rumors.