Saturday, September 06, 2008

Another game in silence

The Bucs play another game with no TV coverage tonight in the first series without TV coverage since they went to San Juan to play the Expos a few years ago. Paul Maholm and Matt Cain take the mound against two deficient lineups in a game that could conceivably fly by. The Pirates are starting Luis Cruz at short tonight in response to Brian Bixler's solid night last night for whatever reason. I assume the reason is the same as the reason used to justify Nyjer Morgan getting lots of starts in left field. That means it's a reason that I don't understand. Anyways, Pirates! Giants! 10:15! Will there be an earthquake? Tune in to find out! But only if you live out of market and pay for an internet or TV package!

UPDATE: Wow, this one started at 9. Who knew?